Hidayah helps connect Muslims and fellow knowledge seekers with the wisdom and beauty of Islam — through creative, convenient, quality Islamic products.

Everyday Guidance

Qur’an and Hadith lessons to help you grow in your Deen and build habits around learning each day.

Thoughtful & Artful

We highlight Islamic teachings and the beauty in Islamic designs through our convenient products that accent any space.

Dedicated to Quality

Designed with detail, Hidayah makes premium products that are well-made, purposeful, and practical.

Lifetime Calendars

Timeless. For any and Every year.

Ayaat-A-Day Lifetime Calendar

Ayaat-A-Day is a Lifetime calendar full of wisdom from the Holy Qur’an, that aims to help readers grow in their Deen every day. Start your day with a spiritual lesson to learn from, reflect upon, and apply.

Make habits around personal growth for your mind, heart, and soul. The lessons are timeless, so we've made sure this calendar is too!

Hadith-A-Day Lifetime Calendar

Follow in the footsteps of the best of mankind.

Learn from the exemplary character and beautiful example of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, with daily lessons from the "Authentic Six" Hadith collections.

Connect, reflect, and put learnings into practice on your journey to grow in your Deen every day.

Hidayah Prints

Personalize your place in a meaningful way, with the new Hidayah Prints. 

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