Dua Hang Tag for Travel


Duas you need, where you need them.

New Dua Hang Tags help you keep everyday Duas in mind. 

Dua for Travel   The Prophet would recite this when traveling to seek Allah's protection and safeguarding from difficulties during a journey, or upon return. 


Dua Hang Tags are convenient and purposeful companions for Muslims, with duas that can be placed in sight easily, as reminders to always seek Allah's blessings.

Arabic and English to recite and reflect   Each dua is beautifully written in the Arabic text so you can recite it when you travel, and memorize it with practice. Flip to the other side for the English translation, to help better understand the meaning behind each prayer. Reflecting on the meaning brings gratitude and mindfulness.

Modern Design   These hang tags have a "silk smooth finish", making them a delight to hold. The design is minimal and modern so it makes the per with any room decor or car interior.

Flexible String for Ease of use   Each hang tag comes with a flexible string to place them in sight. Hang directly on a car’s rearview mirror, on a handle or doorknob, or set them on any suitable spot. Choose the perfect location where you’ll see the dua frequently. 

Creative, convenient, and full of meaning, the hang tags make a perfect addition to any Gift! 🎁 Embrace the blessings of these dua-filled hang tags as you navigate life’s roads. 🚗✨


Dimensions: 2.75x4 in


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